I-Scan's unique capabilities provide an ideal cold-repair range of supply:

Automation upgrade:

Within the stacking area, the robotic stacking offers a minimum change to the main line, civil and cullet works. Since cold-repairs are typically motivated by the need to adapt the line to a new production mix, installing robots directly on the main line results in substantial savings since side-legs extensions do not have to be replaced.

Line control, cutting control, optimization and line supervision software modules:

I-Scan's core software skills allow us to offer the most advanced, flexible, dynamic and user friendly tools in the market. Our motion-control well proven experience deeply implemented in these software packages will result a higher ribbon yield, extreme flexibility in mixing sizes and qualities and advanced reporting and monitoring.

Main line mechanics:

usually only require repair work. I-Scanís high level mechanical engineering combined with its Bystronicís know-how and superb quality deliver unmatched results.