The Falcon is an exceptional swift automatic system for stacking small glass plates. This ultra-fast system can reach a stacking cycle of 1.1 second per plate and is built for handling small splits, from 4 plates up to 10 or 12 plates across the ribbon.
I-Scan's Falcon is the first system of its kind to provide 100% stacking automation for float-lines or cutting lines producing final size small plates.
Joining the family of other I-Scan automatic flexible stacking products, the Falcon completes the full range of float glass handling: from the smallest split plates handled by the Falcon, through the medium size splits or LES plates handled by the Hawk and the Condor Flex, and to the massive Condor system which handles heavy LES and Jumbo size plates.


Falcon Main Advantages:

Tin side handling
Vertical stacking
Fewer handling operations
Low energy consumption
No use of vacuum
Handling of different sizes without setup