We promised to consistently improve your quality and safety, increase your production yield and reduce your costs. To take our robotic stacking advantages a major step forward and to keep our promise, we now offer a state-of-the-art line concept and design that goes from the lehr up to the final pack. Our mechanical design is based on non-compromising Bystronic float know-how and experience.

  Our solutions include:
Conveying systems
Cutting systems
Snapping and breaking systems
Sorting and inspecting systems
Automatic robotic as well as conventional stacking system
Other float on-line equipment such as papering
Advanced line control, supervision and optimization systems

I-Scanís new cold end cutting line concept, combining the best of its own technological innovation with the deep float Bystronic experience offers multiple advantages:

Reduced capital investment
Straight, short and simple line without side legs
Multiple stacking destinations
Increased ribbon utilization
Reduced infrastructure with increased safety