General Conditions:


Temperature Range

0 C - 60 C

Max. Humidity

80 %

System sealing (IP definitions)

IP 65 - Complete protection Dust-proof; Low pressure water jets from all directions

Noise level

Reception area - 60 dB 65 dB

Inside the parking zone 80 dB 85 dB

Power requirements:


Power spec's

3x400Vac + N + GND_ P = 38Kw

Short circuit current = 63Amp   Nominal current = 60Amp

Redundancy for main power

To be supplied by the customer. With this option, the system will not remain blocked during a power failure

Redundancy for low voltage

To be supplied by the customer. With this option, all the visual indicators will be kept alive during a power failure.

Power protection

Circuit breaker = 3x100A

System utilities:


Internet line

To be supplied by the customer a 24/24 internet access line, to provide remote support on request.

Compressed air

6 bars, by I-Scan


The parking is suitable for 2 car classes, depending on the final configuration decided together with

the client:


Class A cars

         Length 5.1 m

         Width 2,05 m

         Height 1,55 m

         Maximum weight 3,000 kg


Class B cars

         Length 5.1 m

         Width 2.05 m

         Height 2.00 m

         Maximum weight 2,500 kg